The North Platte Valley and South Goshen Conservation Districts sponsor a hazardous household waste collection day each fall. There are many contributors to the program to help reduce landfill waste and protect ground water. Donations are typically received from Goshen County Commissioners, City of Torrington, City of Torrington Water Department, Town of Ft. Laramie,Town of Yoder, Town of Laramie, Town of LaGrange, Caylor and Lenz Landmovers, Zell Heating and Cooling, Midwest Plumbing, Westco, and Wyrulec. Non-typical donations have included Oneok, Western Sugar, Eighty-Eight Oil, and Panhandle Coop.

This service is provided through funds budgeted from each of the sponsors and contributors. There is no cost to the public for disposal collection.

This is a great opportunity for local residents to discard lead and/or oil based paint, solvents, pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning supplies, and e-waste such as cell phones, batteries, televisions, computer towers and monitors, small kitchen appliances, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, batteries, and light bulbs.

We can NOT accept: business waste, radioactive waste, explosive wastes, asbestos waste, compressed gases, tires, cylinders.


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